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Angelo Luchi October 9, 2013 Community Help

Why do I need security on my database? Well, you don't want just anyone being able to see or edit your data. FileMaker allows you to edit the security of your solution to a very fine detail. But for now, if you're new to hosting, some basic usernames and passwords will do. Please review this PDF from FileMaker on security and how to implement it.


Angelo Luchi October 9, 2013 Community Help

Adding and Opening a FileMaker Database via Remote Access

  • Choose File > Open Remote from with FileMaker Pro


  •  Select 'Favorite Hosts' in the 'View' drop down list. Then select 'Add'.


  • Enter the address for the FileMaker Server to which you are trying to connect. You may also add a 'Favorite Host's Name' although this 2nd step is optional.


  • 'Save' the changes.
  • Select the host name in the 'Hosts' list. You will then be prompted for your username and password.


  • A list of files with that username and password will be displayed under 'Available Files'. Select the file you want to use and click 'Open'. You will be prompted to enter your username and password again and the file will open.